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Nelson Olivares Alfaro is an Award Winning Film Composer (2023); Pianist, Music Producer and Composer for Screen Media currently based in Dublin, Ireland.

Nelson, the voice of NOAHSCORE is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Scoring for Film, TV and Interactive Media at Griffith College Dublin in partnership with Pulse College Dublin which takes place at Windmill Lane Recording Studios. Also certified and been well trained in Music Production for Games at Pulse College located at Windmill Lane Recording Studios, Dublin which enhanced his production and compositional skills.

known for his exceptional work ethic, Nelson has consistently demonstrated a tireless dedication to his craft. His commitment to perfection is reflected in the countless hours he spends honing his compositions, ensuring that each piece resonates with the intended emotional impact of the film. Whether working on sweeping orchestral arrangements or experimental electronic soundscapes, Nelson approaches each project with a meticulous attention to detail.

Nelson's signature lies in his capacity to craft scores that become an integral part of the storytelling. His compositions do not merely accompany the visuals; they elevate the narrative, adding layers of emotion and depth. Whether it's a heart-wrenching ballad or a pulsating action sequence, Nelson's musical tapestry enhances the audience's cinematic experience.

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