Hi and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Nelson Olivares Alfaro; a pianist, music producer and composer for Visual Media currently based in Dublin, Ireland.

I am certified and been well trained in Music Production for Games at Pulse College located at Windmill Lane Recording Studios, Dublin which enhanced my production and compositional skills.

In the course of my career I worked on composing music for different types of games and short films therefore I can say I am proficient in Cubase, Pro Tools and Logic Pro as well as FMOD and UNITY softwares.

This inspired me to use my knowledge, creative talents and my passion for movies to run a career as a music composer for visual media (Video Games, Movies, Online content and Television).

But even with years of study, training experience where would an artist be without true inspiration?

Well, the source of my inspiration as a composer and artist emanates from my native country of Chile.

The vast, stark and arid beauty of the mysterious Atacama Desert with its clear blue skies in the daytime and bright stars illuminating the night sky and the immense deep azure waters of the Pacific Ocean.

All of these define and inform my own ‘Leitmotif’ in which through my music, I strive to evoke a sense of wonder, mystery and awe at nature and the universe.

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